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$NFTD Single Asset Staking
$NFTD Single Asset Staking
$NFTD Single Asset Staking Is Live Through Our NFT Farm
Sat Nov 27 2021
$NFTD LP Farm is Now LIVE
$NFTD LP Farm is Now LIVE — With Huge Rewards
Tue Nov 23 2021
First Cross-Chain NFT Launchpad
NFTrade Announces First Cross-Chain Metaverse NFT Launchpad for $NFTD Holders
Wed Nov 24 2021
Finalize $3.7 Million Seed Round
NFTrade Secures MetaPurse as Backers to Finalize $3.7 Million Seed Round
Fri Sep 24 2021
NFTrade $100k Community Round
Thu Sep 23 2021
NFT Farming Updates
Sat Jun 19 2021
NFTrade Mobile Application Accessibility
Wed Jan 13 2021
$NFTD is Officially Listed on HotBit
Thu Sep 30 2021
Reward Staking for $NFTD Holders
NFTrade Introduces Diversified Reward Staking for $NFTD Holders
Wed Sep 29 2021