NFTs offer a true digital representation of collectible art, and just like its physical counterpart, it too has begun to develop a passionate community. However, even though the NFT marketplace is entirely digital, and therefore shareable all over the internet, there isn’t a community social media platform where NFT collectors, investors, creators, and generally interested users can share and converse about non-fungible tokens.


The possibilities that a NFT-based social media platform can present are practically limitless, as it can include each different industry or aspect of the NFT marketplace. This can consist of art, gaming-based NFTs, utility-focused NFTs, NFTs based on physical assets, and more. The art and gaming industries alone represent a combined market size of almost $235 billion as of 2020, a massive amount, and there are not many places for fans of these spaces to go online to socialize with other members of their community. Most NFT platforms focus on the marketplace aspect of the asset class, which is undoubtedly vital, but we want to expand on what’s already available.

Like most social media platforms, with NFTrade’s future social features, you will be able to easily follow your favorite creators, artists, collectors, and of course, your friends and peers. The social platform will allow you to easily share your collection and thoughts with the world, as well as post stories of your favorite pieces and any NFT insights you’d like to promote to the greater digital community. We expect lively discussions to break out all over the place, bringing together users from different areas of the market to collectively challenge each other while simultaneously growing. This could be anything from a discussion on the valuation of a specific NFT or artist’s collection of work, or a debate on the usability of certain NFT gaming items for a particular online game.

By having the opportunity to show off your NFTs and actively communicate with everyone else interested, the NFT community will become more robust and more dynamic. We are planning to offer much more than a page to showcase your collection, as you’ll be able to express yourself and your opinions while directly communicating with other interested users. By creating a social hub where NFTs and interested users can thrive, the market will continue to solidify itself within the eyes of the mainstream.