NFTrade Ambassador Program

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To further promote our advancement, we are looking for people from all over the world to join NFTrade on our mission to spread the word and continue to build the first decentralized multi-chain NFT platform, marketplace, and indexer. Therefore, we are excited to announce the launch of the NFTrade Ambassador Program!

Our goal now is to expand and establish lоcal cоmmunities in each cоrner оf the glоbe. We would like to communicate with individuals ready to contribute to building our global community and become a part of the bright future of Web3.


Ambassador Roles

  • Community Ambassador
  • Creative Ambassador
  • Brand Ambassador
  • Network/Event Ambassador


Exclusive Ambassador Perks

  • Regular face-time with the NFTrade leadership team
  • Exclusive Art NFT Drops 
  • Special Ambassador badge on Discord
  • Access to the private ambassador and the NFTrade core team chats
  • Access to exclusive content and Alpha group
  • Access to exclusive NFT giveaways from our partners
  • Access to bonus collaboration offers from our partners 
  • $NFTD token rewards up to $2000 every month


*The ambassadors' reward pool totals up to $2000 per month. Incentives are one-time payments upon the end of this term based on the ambassadors’ contribution and performance.


Criteria to join the NFTrade Ambassador program

  1. NFT and NFTrade enthusiasts who want to explore the field and work closely with our team
  2. Active members of the NFTrade community
  3. Users who can create effective content, memes, gifs, infographics, charts, polls, etc
  4. Users who are native English, Turkish, Vietnamese, or Chinese speakers (other languages are accepted as well)


How to Apply

The application form for the NFTrade Ambassadors program will be open from 12th July 2022.
Please fill out this application form to join the NFTrade crowd.
When the ambassadors are selected, we will then announce more specific instructions on tasks of each level.



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