With the popularity seen amongst top launchpads, it has gotten to the point where the majority of the projects that approach them have to be turned away, even if it’s a project that presents a lot of potential value. Each launchpad only has a certain bandwidth of projects it can maintain at once, leaving many looking for a home for their upcoming token generation event. We see this throughout the entire DeFi economy at large, but also specifically within the NFT marketplace, where there has been a lot of established and growing interest.

Launchpads provide a verified way to introduce high-quality projects. The launchpad development team works directly with new projects, thoroughly vetting them, their solution, and their project infrastructure to ensure they are up to community standards. As more everyday users understand the power of NFTs, more projects will launch to serve and innovate within this ecosystem. NFTrade wants to be the jumping-off point for the best projects launching in the NFT space, and with a multi-chain and cross-chain creation capabilities and exchange hub, it presents the optimal point for new projects to introduce themselves to an audience of already interested users in the asset class.