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Nitro Network
Nitro Network
Nitro Network is creating a revolution in IOT space through Digital Mining combining the feature of NFT, mining and De-Fi. Our legendary product NFM (Non-fungible Miners) makes the creation of private communication networks universal. It is not only a typical NFT but a ticket to continuous mining rewards. You earn NCASH every 30 minutes by staking NFM. Another product of our portfolio is Nesting, which provides an opportunity to every individual to host our ION sensors by renting their mirco spaces. Each of these ION sensors are supported by NFMs to create a decentralised telecom network. Together these optimizes the rewards and creates a strong and even network distribution.
The image of actual minted NFT may differ.
Click the “Stake” button and enter the number of tokens you would like to stake in the NFT farm. Every day, you will earn xncash based on the amount of NCASH you are staking. Once you have earned the necessary amount of xncash, click the “Claim” button and then proceed to purchase any NFT that you qualify for.
Total Staked
Lock Period
30 days per stake
Daily Reward
1 NCASH = 1 xncash
Available NFT Types