Reward Staking for $NFTD Holders
NFTrade Introduces Diversified Reward Staking for $NFTD Holders



NFTrade is not a standard decentralized application, so having solely interest-bearing staking rewards for our token holders was simply not enough. The general cryptocurrency market can be highly volatile, so we want to offer users the opportunity to diversify their staking rewards.

We will be introducing staking where users can earn $NFTD as interest shortly, but to continue down our pathway of innovation, we’ve created a much more interesting, fun, and dynamic way for token holders to get more utility out of their $NFTD tokens. We are happy to introduce our $NFTD Diversified Reward Staking, which will allow $NFTD tokens holders to stake their tokens to earn NFTs from any NFT farm within our NFT farming application.

$NFTD users who stake using this mechanism will earn synthetic tokens from ALL active NFT farms on NFTrade, giving them the opportunity to claim NFTs from any of the available farms. Thus, whether a user is interested in gaming NFTs, metaverse NFTs, collectibles, art, allocation NFTs, or other utility-based NFTs, they will be able to earn whichever NFT they prefer! We have already introduced a variety of NFT farms, and with many more preparing to launch and within our pipeline, the NFT claiming options for $NFTD stakers will only continue to expand over time.

By staking within NFTrade’s Diversified Reward Staking application, users will be able to earn a variety of different NFTs with differing tangible values, allowing for customization and utilization of any NFTs our token holders see fit to choose. By offering stakers the ability to earn rewards that they actually want to claim, not just standard tokens or bland prizes, both NFTrade supporters and supported projects will have the opportunity to strengthen themselves.


NFTrade’s Diversified Reward Staking Parameters

We will be launching this application very soon, with more details on the exact staking parameters coming right before launch. Users who stake $NFTD to earn diversified staking rewards will earn synthetic tokens at a lower rate than users who stake native tokens in their corresponding NFT farms, but it presents an important opportunity to not only compound on a user’s staking rewards, but also to gain access to NFTs across the entire NFT market, including NFTs that they may not necessarily have had exposure to beforehand. Early $NFTD stakers will earn additional rewards, so make sure you follow our social channels so you can stake your tokens as soon as possible. As a NFT aggregator, marketplace, and platform, we’re excited to be able to reward our token holders with the NFTs of their choice.


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