Pangolin Up For DEX-Themed NFTs



As the largest NFT marketplace on Avalanche by both users and trading volume, we enjoy collaborating with other top projects in the ecosystem, creating mutually beneficial value for all involved. We are excited to team up with Pangolin, one of the top DEXs in the entire crypto market, to launch their first NFT collection — available exclusively to $PNG token holders!


Earn Pangos in the Pangolin NFT Farm

For its first NFT launch, Pangolin made the admirable move of prioritizing its token holders, making the NFTs free to claim to anyone who stakes $PNG in our Pangolin NFT farm. By staking $PNG in the newly released Pangolin NFT farm, stakers will earn xPNG, a synthetic and non-transferable token that can be used to purchase NFTs within the farm. All of the available NFTs are deviations of Pangolin’s mascot, Pango, offering an assortment of options for interested users.

In total, Pangolin has made 1600 NFTs available across 16 different NFT variations, with a quantity of 100 NFTs each. This first batch of NFTs is based on the Pangolin stickers usable within their community channels, bringing a vital piece of their ecosystem to life for all Pangolin supporters to own!

Once you stake your $PNG, there is a 30 day lock-up period within the farm, allowing you to earn xPNG on every block to go towards your NFT purchases. Some of the Pango NFTs cost more xPNG than others, but there are available options at many price levels, making them accessible to token holders of all different shapes and sizes. Each wallet address will be able to claim a maximum of 5 NFTs each, making multiple NFT claims possible, but at a level where everyone should be able to take part and make their claim. Following the purchase of the Pango NFT, the NFT will go directly to the user’s browser wallet, where they can then decide to keep it, list it for sale, or trade it. If you’re not a $PNG holder or do not want to lock up your token liquidity, don’t worry, as you will still have the option to buy or p2p swap for a Pango NFT once it hits the secondary market.

We are very happy to work with the Pangolin DEX team, and will continue to work together to introduce additional value to both of our communities into the future.

You can access the Pangolin NFT farm here:


About Pangolin Exchange

Pangolin Exchange is a top decentralized exchange (DEX) on the Avalanche Network that provides the best DEX experience through deep liquidity, easy swaps, advanced tooling, and smooth onboarding. Pangolin brings you the best trading opportunities to find and maximize your yield.

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