NFTrade Unveils New Search Bar Feature

By Vukan Ljubojevic
Posted November 18, 2021
NFTrade Unveils New Search Bar Feature .png

We are happy to announce the release of our optimized search feature, allowing anyone to search for individual NFTs, collections, users, and more, accessible from any page on

With the millions (if not billions) of NFTs now on the market, searching for specific collections, users, and NFTs on a secondary marketplace has been a major hassle. Many marketplaces offered minimal searching capabilities, limited to a generalized capacity. Even searching within a specific collection has proved to be a tedious task for many marketplaces, with the lack of usability evident to all who had tried.

Now that we have an optimized searching mechanism, users will be able to search in a multi-chain capacity, strengthening NFTrade as the singular application NFTrade users need to use to access the entire NFT ecosystem across all chains.

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