NFTrade Sales and Volume Tracking
NFTrade Releases Enhanced NFT Sales and Volume Tracking Features



Tracking different metrics of a specific NFT or NFT collection is an important way to assess the long-term viability of its success, so the more data points a user has to evaluate, the better their evaluation of the asset can be. To continue to aid in this researching process, we have released our newest NFT tracking metrics, allowing users to easily track sales volume and the quantity of sales within a specific NFT or collection.

This data, presented in the form of a line graph, will make it much more straightforward for users to visualize and analyze data that was previously unavailable to NFTrade users or collections. Now, users can easily assess these metrics within specific collections, building on the data previously available to create a more all-encompassing picture of NFT metrics. We will continue to release more data points, graphs, and NFT analytical tools, with more options already being developed within our pipeline!

To access data pertaining to a NFT collection, go to the NFT collection page and click the ‘Total Sales Volume’ box to view the trading history in terms of days or hours. These charts will tell you the total sales volume over the period, as well as the number of complete sales.



The sales history of a NFT collection.


The same data can be access for individual NFTs by going to the NFT asset page. Once you’re on the page of the NFT you want information on, scroll down below the ‘Properties’, ‘Levels’, and ‘Stats’ section to view trading history. By zooming in or zooming out, you can make the time period of the chart longer or shorter.



The sale history of an individual NFT.


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