NFTrade Launches Testnet Functionality For Rinkeby and Fuji

By Vukan Ljubojevic
Posted January 19, 2022


Whether you are developing a dApp, play-to-earn game, metaverse, profile picture collection, or anything in between, making sure that your NFTs are visible, accessible, and usable within secondary marketplaces is of utmost importance to long term community usage and growth. Previously, there was no way to test this viability, but now, we are happy to announce this is no longer true, as we have just integrated the Rinkeby (Ethereum) and Fuji (Avalanche) testnets into NFTrade!

Through this integration, project development teams can easily test out their collections and make sure they function as designed, taking out the guesswork previously associated with launching a new NFT collection. Once your wallet is connected to NFTrade, you can choose to operate on either Rinkeby or Fuji to determine how your NFTs will look and function once live.

Testnets are accessible through the following link:


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