NFTrade Attribute Search Feature

At NFTrade, we are constantly working to make the NFT asset class as accessible and navigable as possible for our end users; this means continuously adding new aspects and features that bring more value to our community. At the behest of our growing userbase, we have launched an attribute search feature, a fantastic feature for searching through NFT collections and determining different levels of NFT rarity. With this new feature, users will be able to search for NFTs based on specific attributes, easing the selection and valuation process and making buying, selling, and swapping NFTs much more straightforward for all involved.



NFTrade’s attribute search feature in action.



A Newly Discovered Attribute?

Searching for basic and noticeably distinguishable attributes is one thing, but we were able to identify an attribute that determines rarity even further, searching by background color. When you look at a color picker wheel, there are innumerable shades to choose from, and we are able to isolate those different shades in order to show which are truly the rarest.



An example of a color picker wheel.


For example, when looking at the PolygonPunks collection, it seems that blue is a very common background shade, but when looking deeper into the code, we can identify certain NFTs with unique background shades that most do not have. Whether this is an attribute that makes a NFT more desirable (and therefore more valuable) is up to the community, but we’re excited to be the first NFT marketplace that offers this type of attribute search option.

If you have any new ideas for search features not already offered on NFTrade, feel free to stop by our Telegram or Twitter channels and drop a suggestion; we’re always open to feedback and improvements!


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