$NFTD Single Asset Staking Is Live Through Our NFT Farm

By Vukan Ljubojevic
Posted November 27, 2021

We have already announced the launch of our native LP farm, and as we continue through our 10 Days of Growth, we’re excited to announce another yield creation opportunity for our $NFTD holders. We have just launched our single-sided $NFTD staking application via an NFT farm on Binance Smart Chain, allowing our global user base to put their tokens to work to earn artistic and utility-based NFTs directly from NFTrade!

Our dynamic $NFTD staking farm is open to all of our token holders, with the ability to stake native tokens in order to earn NFTs exclusively available to our token holders. Throughout this farm, stakers will be able to earn NFTs from NFTrade directly, as well as from NFTrade partner projects, INOs, and other relevant NFT offerings.


The First NFTs Available to $NFTD Stakers

$NFTD staking is now live, allowing users to begin earning NFTrade-based NFTs through the click of a button. However, these utility and artistic NFTs will be revealed at a later date, leaving them as an exciting surprise for our user base. Although the NFTs are not yet released, users will be able to start earning synthetic tokens through NFT farming that will allow them to claim these exclusive NFTs; once the NFTs are live and dropped, it will be first come, first serve.

There will be a variety of different NFTs available to cater to the different wants and needs of our community, with new NFTs becoming available to our stakers on a regular basis. Our farm will feature both artistic and utility NFTs, such as generative art NFTs, NFTs that eliminate transaction fees for 30 days, NFTs that give free NFT promotion opportunities on our homepage, collaborative NFTs, and much, much more. This NFT farm will feature the first-ever artistic and utility NFTs released by NFTrade, which should remain as sought-after assets as we grow and continue expanding our reach throughout the NFT universe. As the preeminent NFT platform, aggregator, and marketplace, these NFTs will provide immense value across the entirety of the NFTrade and NFT ecosystem.

Differences Between LP Farming and Single-Sided Staking

Unlike the LP farm we recently launched, users do not have to provide liquidity of a secondary asset in order to take part and begin earning rewards, they only need to stake $NFTD. This means that users only need to stake half the amount of value they would in a traditional LP farm, creating various different reward opportunities for $NFTD holders. On top of this, users will not earn the standard cryptocurrency yield for their staking contributions, but a unique digital asset that can provide a variety of different value propositions.

What are you waiting for? Start staking your $NFTD in our NFT farm and earning rewards today!

You can start your single-sided $NFTD staking here:

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