NFT Design Competition with $9,000
NFTrade Launches Polygon Studios NFT Design Competition with $9,000 in Prizes!


In collaboration with Polygon Studios, we are teaming up to launch an official Polygon-based NFT profile picture collection — Polyphants! This will be a free-to-earn collection accessible exclusively to $MATIC token holders, and as a community-focused project, we want the community involved every step of the way. With this in mind, we have decided we would like the community to design these NFTs — with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners all receiving thousands of dollars in prizes! 1st place will receive $2500 for winning and an additional $5000 for designing the collection attributes ($7500 in total), 2nd place will win $1000, and 3rd place will win $500.

Not only will the designers win a cash prize, but the 1st place winner will create the artwork for the first ever Polygon Studios-backed profile picture collection (and get paid for their contribution)! All funds and royalties generated from the primary and secondary sales will go to ElephantVoices, one of the most reputable Elephant-focused conservation charities globally. We do not want to impede on the community’s artistic abilities, so the only parameters are to create an Elephant character as the main character of the collection, as well as incorporate some of the below attributes to showcase your style and creative capabilities. You can pick and choose which traits you would like to include, and make as many variations as you deem necessary.

Main Character: Animated Elephant


Includable Trait Options:

  • Tusks
  • natural ivory
  • zebra print
  • leopard print
  • different colors (pink, blue, red, black, etc)
  • Different types of tusks
  • They can have one broken tusk, two broken tusks, asymmetrical tusks (left higher, right higher) very short, very long, straight, up-curved etc etc — it might be fun to play around with different shapes making the elephants real identifiable characters



  • Eyewear
  • Sunglasses, different eye colors, natural eyes, glasses, googly eyes, laser eyes, long lashes, sultry eyes, smily eyes, furious eyes


  • Headwear
  • natural, top hat, Moroccan fez, crown, perched owl, sailor hat, pith helmet, sunhat


  • Background
  • African savannah, jungle, arctic, grasslands, escaping from a cage, island, desert


  • Hand-held item
  • Signs with different pro-elephant/anti-poaching messages
  • Also could have an elephant with piles of ivory burning in the background and carrying a sign — “Only elephants should wear ivory”, “Every tusk has cost a life”, “End the trade”
  • a sign that reads ‘No Poachers’,
  • Bamboo
  • a coconut
  • a balloon
  • carrying a suitcase with a slogan on the side
  • an umbrella
  • a rifle
  • playing a guitar
  • playing a trumpet
  • Placards
  • “Only elephants should wear ivory”
  • “Every tusk costs a life” “Every tusk has cost a life” “Stop the trade” (as long as this is in some way connected with the trade in ivory so people understand the meaning
  • “End the Ivory trade”
  • “Rumble for elephants”
  • “Down with captivity”
  • “Poach the poachers”
  • “Leave my teeth alone”
  • “These are MY teeth!”
  • “Elephants against hunters”
  • “Polyphants against hunters”
  • “Polyphants for Paradise”
  • “Wild and free”
  • “Hear my voice”


Design Competition Rules

Starting now, Polygon community members will have two weeks (until May 19, 2022) to submit their Polyphants NFT designs, with no cap on the number of designs that a user can enter. However, only one portfolio per use can be submitted, meaning each designer can only win a single prize.

In order to submit your Polygon Polyphant NFT design entry for the competition, tweet out the NFT design with the hashtag #PolygonPolyphant and tag @NFTradeOfficial, @polygonstudios, and @0xPolygon in the post. At the end of the competition, the NFTrade team will choose our top 10 favorite designs, and then hold a community poll in our official NFTrade Discord channel ( to let the community choose the top 3 winners. After the winners are chosen via community vote, the NFTrade team will reach out to confirm the wallet addresses for the winners to receive their USDT prizes.


The Next Steps

Following the completion of the design competition, NFTrade will launch the next steps of our $MATIC NFT farm integration, allowing users to stake their $MATIC to earn their Polyphant NFTs for free! Stay tuned and follow NFTrade on all of our social channels to receive up-to-date news on the next steps and how you can win USDT prizes.


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