Multi-Chain NFT Rarity Tool
NFTrade Set to Release Multi-Chain NFT Rarity Tool



It’s the third day of our 10 Days of Growth Campaign, and there are absolutely no signs of slowing down! Today, we are delighted to share the upcoming launch of our multi-chain NFT rarity tool. This innovative tool will combine the best aspects of many of the currently available options, allowing users to easily and verifiably determine the rarity of their NFTs, and thus, a more appropriate price compared to the average floor-priced NFT within a specific collection.

Currently, there are NFT rarity tools for singular blockchain networks, but at NFTrade, we don’t believe in network segmentation, so, as usual, we are creating a one-stop solution that aggregates all available NFT rarity information from all of our available chains.

This native tool will be available directly on, providing valuable insight and analytics on different aspects of rarity and collectibility within NFT collections. As the leading secondary marketplace by users and trading volume on multiple different blockchain networks, we are happy to create and launch tools that will bolster the capabilities of our community members. As the launch of this multi-chain application gets closer to fruition, we will start accepting collections to apply for rarity analytics and insights before a complete rollout.

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