IMX Gaming Ecosystem Overview – Gods Unchained

By Vukan Ljubojevic
Posted October 22, 2022

Gods Unchained is a P&E card game that gives players absolute ownership over all their in-game assets. The game is entirely free to get started, and players earn cards by simply playing. Best of all, said trading cards are NFTs that possess real-world value and can be traded at any point. With almost 30 million NFT cards and counting, Gods Unchained offers one of the most dynamic and robust digital trading card ecosystems on the market. 

Unlike many ‘play-to-earn’ games in the ecosystem, Gods Unchained is free-to-play, with earning potential not only limited to paying customers. Through true ownership of in-game assets, anyone can monetize their Gods Unchained gameplay at any level, from beginner to expert.

How to Play Gods Unchained

Starting the game is simple. A player chooses one of six Gods that they want to align with during gameplay. Then, they choose one of four God powers. Once chosen, players are pulled to a shuffling phase; then, they’re ready for gameplay. Users build their decks and strategically play against other players to win. The idea is to build a powerful deck of thirty cards that need to be used to outsmart opponents. Finding rare cards is where the most real-world (and in-game) value lies. 

With its easy-to-understand mechanics, fun gameplay, deep lore, and earning potential for players, Gods Unchained is positioning itself as the trading card game to beat both within the Immutable X ecosystem and the broader crypto graming ecosystem at large.

You can check out the Gods Unchained collection on NFTrade here:

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