How to mint an NFT on Palm Network

By Anna Savenko
Posted April 20, 2023

Welcome to our guide on how to mint an NFT on the Palm network. In this tutorial, we will guide you through the steps to create your own NFT on Palm network, a high-performance blockchain built for DeFi and NFTs

Step 1 Add the Palm network to your wallet.

Palm network is supported in the most popular wallets – MetaMask, Trust Wallet & Wallet Connect.

If you are using MetaMask, you can easily add network

For other wallets you can add Palm network manually: 

Network name Palm

Token PALM


Chain ID 11297108109

Step 2 – Connect to NFTrade.

Once you connect to NFTrade on the Palm network, you will see a window that will allow you to kickstart your NFT journey on Palm – you need to deposit funds and get PALM tokens for gas.

Step 3 – Add gas.

To complete any transaction on the Palm network, you need to have PALM gas tokens. Click on “Get free PALM from the faucet,” and 0.025 PALM tokens will be deposited into your wallet.

Now you have everything to mint NFTs.

Step 4 Create your NFT.

Go to or click Create under the Marketplace section.

Ensure you are connected to the Palm network in the top left corner. If you are connected to a different chain – switch to PALM.

Add NFT details:

  • NFT File. It can be any unique image/video/audio file in different formats JPG, PNG, GIF, WEBP, MP4, or MP3. Please note that its size should not exceed 30 Mb.
  • NFT Name
  • NFT Descriprion
  • NFT Properties – properties are categories like color, shape, body, mood, background, clothes, eyes, hat, etc. You do not need to add properties if you don’t want, as this is an optional step to differentiate collectible NFTs within a specific collection. Values are attributes that make your NFT unique and rare. You can add unlimited properties.

NOTICE! You cannot add or edit your NFT information after the creation.

Step 5 – Choose the collection where your NFT will appear.

If you already have a collection – you can mint into that collection. If you are creating a new collection – click “+” button to initiate collection creation.

It can be simply ‘(Your Name’s) Collection’ if you didn’t plan a specific one. Every NFT must be a part of the collection. You can’t miss this step, as the collection address is where the NFTs are minted.

Confirm collection creation in your wallet.

Choose the collection from the drop-down list

If you just created the collection and it didn’t show up in the list – click on the arrows in the right corner of the Collection field to refresh the data.

Step 8. Confirm creation

Double-check all the info you entered prior and confirm the creation of the NFT

Tick off that you’re the original owner of the intellectual property and agree with NFTrade’s Terms & Conditions. Then, click “Create”

Go to your wallet and confirm the creation.

You need to have enough funds to pay the gas fee. The amount of gas you need to pay will be visible before confirmation. It may take some time to send data to the blockchain and finish the transaction.

Your NFT collection is created, and your first NFT is minted on the Palm network.


Step 7 – List your NFT for sale.

Now go and list NFT on NFTrade for sale. Currently, NFTs can be listed with DAI token.

Congratulations, you have successfully listed your NFT for sale.

To be able not only to mint NFTs but also to purchase NFTs, you will need to deposit DAI. To deposit DAI, you can use Moonpay onramp by clicking “Deposit DAI using Credit Card” or bridge DAI from Ethereum.

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