$NFTD LP Farm is Now LIVE
$NFTD LP Farm is Now LIVE — With Huge Rewards



We want to begin our 10 Days of Growth Campaign with a hot start, so what better way than bringing some more utility and value to our native $NFTD token? To kick off these 10 days, we’re happy to announce our native $NFTD/$USDT LP farm is now live for all token holders, and with HUGE rewards.

As early backers of the NFTrade ecosystem, we want to reward our core base of token holders with an additional APY on their holdings to support the community and show our thanks. Our community is the lifeblood of the NFTrade platform and everything we are building, so keeping everyone involved and active is our best course of action.


The LP Farm

Unlike most DApps with their own native tokens who outsource their LP farming, we have built everything in-house! We are a technology-focused NFT marketplace, not another fly-by-night marketplace riding the coattails of the latest celebrity drop, and the best way to demonstrate this is through action. Not only are we offering cutting edge opportunities to NFT creators, collectors, and users, but we have the capabilities to produce almost anything via our development team, which is how we are able to offer so many cutting edge features unavailable anywhere else!

With the LP farm officially open, start staking your $NFTD today to earn a high yield while the campaign is still active!

Start providing liquidity here: https://nftrade.com/eth-staking


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