$NFTD AVAX Bridge Launching Within 48 Hours



Ask, and you shall receive. Our community of $NFTD token holders has requested an AVAX bridge, and now, we are happy to announce the official launch is coming within the next 48 hours. In collaboration with ChainPort, we are releasing an ERC20 bridge for our AVAX tokens, allowing users to swap $NFTD tokens between Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Avalanche (the three networks our utility and governance token is currently available on).

As a multi-chain (and soon-to-be cross-chain) NFT platform, marketplace, and aggregator, it’s only fitting that we make our native token as fluid as the NFTs available on our platform, and with this new bridge, we can confidently say that this is now the case.


New $NFTD Tokens Will Be Airdropped to AVAX-Based Token Holders

In order to facilitate this novel bridging capability, we will be releasing a new version of our AVAX-based $NFTD token, airdropped in a 1-to-1 ratio to all current $NFTD holders on the Avalanche blockchain. This new token will be interchangeable across networks, making $NFTD more accessible than ever before.

Once the new token is airdropped, we will be removing liquidity from our trading pair on Trader Joe, reintroducing liquidity and a trading pool with the newly airdropped token. If you currently hold AVAX-based $NFTD you do not have to do anything, everything will be handled for you automatically.

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