NFTrade Introduces Gasless Transactions and Minting on Polygon

By Vukan Ljubojevic
Posted July 20, 2021

We recently announced our integration and support of the Polygon blockchain on NFTrade, but now, we are taking this implementation to the next level. Through a collaboration with Biconomy, we are excited to announce the introduction of gasless transactions and minting for all Polygon-based NFTs. As a result, users who utilize Polygon NFTs via NFTrade will now have the opportunity to perform any transaction completely for free, making the transaction process better and more efficient for all NFT users.

The Future of Blockchain Interactions

Although waning alongside a market that has cooled off from the beginning of the year, massive Ethereum transaction fees posed a significant bottleneck for many DeFi and NFT users. With Ethereum fees regularly eclipsing over $100 for a single transaction, using the network was not a viable option for many, forcing them to look for alternatives. This, as well as other factors, led to the massive growth of smart contract networks like Binance Smart Chain (BSC); however, with the majority of blockchain, defi, and NFT infrastructure built on Ethereum, many users and developers did not see this as a viable long-term solution.

With the growth of Polygon, many saw the layer two solution as the best way to operate in a cost-effective manner without having to sacrifice decentralization, leading to major mainstream growth of the network. With all the benefits and none of the trade-offs, Polygon has become a viable solution for many established and up-and-coming projects looking to optimize their offerings. As a multi-chain and cross-chain NFT aggregator, we recognized the growth of the NFT market taking place on Polygon, and have integrated the network to make it more compatible with other available blockchain infrastructures.

Polygon comes with a plethora of features, and thanks to the services brought forth by Biconomy, we are happy to offer the least expensive method available to create, buy, sell, and swap NFTs. If you are a budding artist, a collector, a newcomer, or anyone else looking to get involved with NFTs without breaking the bank, Polygon’s feeless transactions are perfect for your needs!

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