10 Days of Growth Recap
Results of NFTrade 10 Days of Growth


Our 10 Days of Growth recently came to an end, but in reality, we are just getting started. Many of the announcements we have made are already live, such as our $NFTD NFT Farm, but many others are still in the process of building and finalization. As we prepare for the integration of the entirety of our offerings, we’d like to highlight an overview of everything announced during our growth campaign.


Day 1 — $NFTD LP Farm

To kick things off, we started our 10 Days of Growth campaign with the launch of our native LP farm. This farm gives amazing APY to $NFTD / $USDT liquidity providers, with the current APY sitting at 170.16%. You can access our native LP farm here: https://nftrade.com/eth-staking


Day 2 — Cross-Chain NFT Launchpad

Another hard-hitting announcement — on our second day, we announced the upcoming launch of our native NFT launchpad. This will allow $NFTD holders to get pre-sale access to some of the most exclusive and sought-after NFTs and cryptocurrencies in the market, providing access at the ground floor.


Day 3 — Multi-Chain Rarity Tool

Rarity tools are vital to determining the true value of a NFT within a collection, and as a multi-chain (and soon-to-be cross-chain) NFT marketplace, a multi-chain rarity tool is only fitting. This innovative tool combines the best aspects of rarity data and analytics, allowing users to easily and verifiably determine the rarity of their NFTs, and thus, a more appropriate price.


Day 4 — Credit Card/Fiat Integration

In collaboration with MoonPay, we will provide a fiat-onramp to NFTrade, making NFT accessibility easier than ever. Soon, users will be able to purchase and sell NFTs using fiat currency.


Day 5 — $NFTD Single Asset Staking

On the fifth day of our campaign, we announced yet another utility of $NFTD: single-sided staking. Through our NFT farm, users can stake $NFTD to earn exclusive artistic, collectible, and utility-based NFTs.


Day 6 — Tezos Integration

Since NFTrade is focused on hosting the entire NFT ecosystem, including all relevant chains with segmented NFT economies, we announced our Tezos integration. This integration will introduce the Tezos blockchain and Tezos NFTs to our dynamic platform.


Day 7 — Kusama Integration Via Moonriver

We are working with the Moonriver (and Moonbeam) team to introduce the Kusama NFT ecosystem to our broader user base. Through their unique platform, NFTrade users will be able to create, buy, sell, trade, and p2p Kusama-based NFTs.


Day 8 — $NFTD Bridge for Avalanche Tokens

In collaboration with ChainPort, we released a bridge for our NFTD tokens on Avalanche. Now, all of our holders, regardless of whether they own their tokens on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, or Avalanche, can seamlessly swap NFTD tokens between chains.


Day 9 — Harmony Integration

As the final mainnet announcement in this campaign, we were excited to introduce Harmony NFTs into the NFTrade ecosystem. Like Tezos, Moonriver, and many other networks, we will integrate Harmony to make their NFTs more accessible and available to the broader NFT community.


Day 10 — Advanced NFT Trading Platform / Order Book

For our final announcement, we released details on our upcoming advanced NFT trading platform. Through the use of traditional order book functionality, our advanced trading platform will fundamentally change how NFTs are traded, especially at the floor price. By increasing buy-side and sell-side liquidity within specific NFT collections, entering or exiting a NFT collection will be easier and more accessible than ever before.

This is just a recap of all the announcements we made during our 10 Days of Growth, with more in-depth overviews on each topic available on our Medium blog and Twitter page. As we continue towards the implementation of all these features, on top of adding to our user base and daily/weekly/monthly NFT trading volume, we are excited to see how NFTrade impacts the broader NFT sector.

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